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Our customers proof the endless possibilities of FireFabric. We're innovation-minded and therefore active in various fields. We owe the multi-applicability of our fabric to our customers. Our co-creation philosophy creates new products and applications.

We're always open to new ideas, solid plans or great concepts. If we can collaborate is quickly decided by a simple scan of your wishes and our possibilities.

We're happy to hear from you.
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Our Global Fire Curtains are in hight and length adjustable screens. The screens are suitable for the protection of forests, vineyards, olive groves and neighborhoods. Since the founding of FireFabric, we constantly been improving our fabric. It is more wear-resistant, stronger and well above 1000ÂșC fire proof. Because of that, we can make our patented Global Fire Curtain screens which can be used over a greater span with less support.

For more information, please contact us.
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